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Do I need Insurance?

We all like to think we’re invincible.  But when life throws you a curveball, it pays to have a back-up plan.  Have you got it covered?

  • Have you considered if you had an accident or became sick what would happen to your income or your business cash flow?
  • How would loosing your income impact your family and lifestyle?
  • What do you think your biggest asset is?  Most people would say their home.  Actually it is your ability to earn an income.

Do you think ACC has you covered?

ACC only covers you if you’re injured through an accident.  However you are 5 times more likely to become ill than have an accident.


Do we fail to plan………….or plan to fail……….???

We work with our clients to determine what they really need from insurance.  We make sure you understand your cover – in plain English – exactly what your cover provides for you and your family and business.

We work with you to create your ideal plan. A plan that will give you the income you and your family would need to support your lifestyle or the cash flow your business would need to keep going if you couldn’t be there.

We provide a plan for your business to include cash flow to keep your business functioning and meeting your client contracts in an event.

Types of Insurance

-           Income Protection – is also called disability insurance.  It is important as it gives you the ability to insure one of your most valuable assets – your capacity to earn.  For example if you earned $50,000 pa and are now 40, your future income is $1.25m (25 years x $50,000).  It is this potential loss of this income that this policy is insuring.  A monthly income is paid to you if you can’t work due to illness or injury.  You can support your family, pay your mortgage and maintain your lifestyle if you’re too sick or hurt to work.

-           Medical Insurance – this enables you to receive private medical care quickly.  Insure for hospitalisation and specialist care, or take a more comprehensive policy, also covering doctor/dentist visits.

-          Trauma Cover – sometimes referred to as serious illness cover, it’s a lump sum, payable if you suffer a trauma  or critical illness such as a heart attach, stroke or cancer.  This could help with expenses such as the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation (including career retraining) and home help.

to give you the flexibility to do the right thing for yourself and your loved ones if you’re diagnosed with a serious or critical illness.

-           Total & Permanent Disability Cover – if you become permanently disabled, this insurance may pay you a lump sum.  There is usually a minimum six month period before payment is made, so it can be verified the disability is permanent.  The payment can be used to clear debt, pay for your children’s education and support your lifestyle if you can’t return to work.

-           Life Cover – to protect your loved ones from financial hardship in the event of your death.  It could be used to eliminate debts, pay off your mortgage, cover funeral costs, pay for the future education of your children and provide an income for your spouse and family.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help in finding the best solution for you.

For the Self-Employed:   Would you like to reduce ACC Levies?

ACC have brought in an option called Cover Plus Extra which allows qualifying self-employed workers the opportunity to adjust their cover.

We can show you how to lower your ACC levies, often substantially, and provide cover for both accident and illness.  We are happy to involve your Accountant in any discussions or decision making.


Most business owners and self employed people are automatically put on ACC Cover Plus however that does not necessarily suit most businesses/self employed people.  There is another option, Cover Plus Extra.

Cover Plus is NOT guaranteed. If you are injured, it pays 80% of your income based on the 12 months before your accident, and you have to prove a loss. That means, if you have staff working and generating income for your business while you’re injured, ACC might not pay!

Cover Plus Extra pays even if staff continue to work and generate income for your company. It’s an Agreed Value product where you choose the amount you pay levies on and ACC pay the agreed amount no matter what you earned in the 12 months prior to your accident, but it only covers accident.

We create a plan for you to cover accident and illness as well as saving you money on ACC levies.

Business Insurance can ensure:

  • Your business is still healthy when you or your key person returns to work. Various business costs including wages can be paid (including your own!), lease on premises, marketing; etc can be continued.
  • Allows you to train a replacement if your key person can’t return to work.
  • If you can’t return to work, it protects the value of your business so you still have a saleable asset.

Income Protection

  • A monthly income is paid to you if you can’t work due to illness or injury.

You can support your family, pay your mortgage and maintain your lifestyle if you’re too sick or hurt to work.

ACC Reduction of Levies Example:

John is a plumber and his next year’s estimated earnings he will pay himself is

$130K – $140K pa.

The maximum income figure ACC provides cover on is $106,473.


Annual ACC Levy                                                                              5196.00Reduced ACC Levy                                                                            1897.00

ACC Saving                                                                                  $3299.00


Business/Income Protection Plan

Business Protection (12 month benefit) (pa)                                      1043.28$8000 income per month **

Income Protection (to age 65)            (pa)                                          849.36

Total                                                                                             $1892.64


The savings made by reducing to the lower levy on Cover Plus Extra can be applied to a plan which provides for both accident and illness.

**        Business benefit amount can be nominated – $8000 pm above is an example only.The cover is owned by the business benefiting the owner or key person.

Calculating the sum insured:

Gross Profit (less cost of goods sold) x % of revenue generated by key person, divided by 12 = Monthly Benefit

Cover also incorporates related business expenses; ie employee wages.

A lower amount can also be nominated.

Please contact us if you’d like a no obligation calculation of the savings we can make for you.

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