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Mortgage Reduction

Mortgage Debt Reduction Specialists

Our system has transformed the way to pay off a mortgage in the fastest amount of time, and save thousands of dollars in interest, without increasing monthly repayments!

Our Mortage Debt Reduction Plan allows clients to maintain or improve their current lifestyle.

How a mortgage is structured, and how it is repaid, can have a huge impact on the amount of time and interest saved. Imagine your mortgage repaid in half the time!

“Our core activity is to reduce your interest costs.”

This Mortgage Debt Reduction Plan is a simple financial management system that empowers clients to take control of their mortgage by establishing an easy to follow plan to financial freedom.

What our Mortgage Debt Reduction Plan could do for you:

  • Reduce the term of the mortgage by up to half.
  • Reduce monthly mortgage payments.
  • Substantially reduce interest costs.
  • Free up weekly cash flow to benefit lifestyle choices.
  • Provide flexible cash flow & emergency funding.
  • Rather than the lender controlling the mortgage, it allows the client to.
  • Ensure that your money is working much harder for you.
  • Provide tax free interest savings.

What our Mortgage Debt Reduction Team will do for you:

Our Mortgage Debt Reduction Team conducts a detailed analysis of your financial situation, and determines the best strategy towards a freehold home in the fastest possible time frame.

The Mortgage Debt Reduction Team provide expertise to implement and maintain your plan.

the Mortgage Debt Reduction Team provides thorough ongoing support through all forms of modern communication.

The Mortgage Debt Reduction Team informs and educates clients about the principals of Debt Busters Plan, and mortgage debt reduction until the mortgage is discharged.

A quarterly report is provided and on each anniversary regularly review any change of circumstances and refine the structure, at no extra cost.

Our Mortgage Debt Reduction Team makes contact about two months before a fixed term interest expiry, to discuss the best options.

Rest assured that our highly skilled & knowledgeable Mortgage Debt Reduction Team, will be working extremely HARD to get the BEST result for YOU.