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Obtain Protection Through The Errors And Omissions Insurance Firms Provide

03 Jun Posted by in Mortgage Reduction Updates | Comments
Obtain Protection Through The Errors And Omissions Insurance Firms Provide

By Kate Barton

Committing a mistake is inevitable, regardless of how hard you may try to prevent it. Although a simple error can be outgrown by a heartfelt apology, an error that caused financial loss to a certain person, the act of contrition would not just be enough. Thus, you may be faced with a lawsuit. What you would need is a protection from such exposure via the errors and omissions insurance, most companies offer.

The need for Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is a specialized liability protection for your business, which covers judgments, settlement and defense costs. It protects you, the business owner, your employees, and even subcontractors for any and all mistakes that have resulted in a financial loss for your clients or customers. These may include deliveries sent to the wrong address, misprints on product labels or invitations, faulty repair jobs, erroneous programming on an e-commerce website, and so many other failures in the commission of a job or service.

Businesses that are not protected with the errors and omissions insurance, or postpone getting errors and omissions insurance quotes, may be at risk of losing money when a client sues for negligent acts. The legal costs can pile up, depending on the magnitude of the lawsuit. For small-scale businesses, the lawsuit could also result in bankruptcy. But in addition to eating up cash reserves, a business without specialized liability protection could face serious damage to its reputation.

What You Must Do

You have to obtain an errors and omissions insurance now before your business operates. It is very important to have such protection right off the bat so that you can able to do business, safe in the knowing that whatever error an employee or perhaps you can commit, you do not have to worry about the financial impacts, valuable customers as well as damaging your reputation.

You must read the errors and omissions insurance policy very carefully. You have to ensure that it includes the following:

1. Retroactive date that goes as far back as possible. There are some acts or errors done in the past will not be covered by your error and omissions policy.

2. Punitive damages. Your policy should not limit your liability and ensure that you are covered for any exposure.

No one is perfect. And sometimes, quality control procedures can fall short of job or service requirements. Make sure that your business is covered for human errors. Get errors and omissions insurance quotes from reputable agents. Protect your business today.

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