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GPS Asset Tracking Reduces Company Bills

10 Apr Posted by in Mortgage Reduction Updates | Comments
GPS Asset Tracking Reduces Company Bills

Asset management is important for businesses with trailers and heavy equipment. Installing them with global positioning systems (GPS) is one way of keeping track of company assets by monitoring their places and managing theft. There are a variety of ways that GPS tracking can help companies in their fleet control management. The device is installed on the asset or vehicle and the company could access a computerized database of data using their own dispatch office. A weather resistant container of these devices keeps them functioning effectively through most intense precipitaton and temperatures.

Heavy Equipment

Other typical equipment such as front end loaders, generators, bulldozers and other cqn easily be tracked through the use of a tracking device installed clandestinely on the equipment. Companies could possibly get automated updates on distance and use of engine hours and can schedule repairs and maintenance when needed. Measuring activity of heavy machinery removes the necessity for someone to manually proceed to the location in which the equipment is positioned and check manual user logs and mileage. The company gets alerts for unexpected events, like when the machines are fired up outside of working hours or if the machines are moving when they shouldn’t be. In the event of robbery, the tracking device can be located quickly and easily through computer software for swift recovery.


A GPS device must be placed on trailers in order to monitor its progress in real time. Satellites can determine the movement of trailers, regardless of what type they are. This prevents loss of products and the trailers them selves. A compact monitoring device can also be attached with heavy adhesive or screws to roll-off containers and railcars. In case one is not where it’s supposed to be, the software can be rapidly utilized by management or company dispatch and utilized to find the missing asset. Refrigerated trailer tracking is also available with the GPS tracking device. It could monitor the interior temperature to make sure proper refrigeration of item. This is vital for hazardous material shipments, food and perishables.


There are other options as well, you can have GPS tracking systems that are on a for lease basis. They can be paid out in monthly installments via a contract with the fleet management company. The devices could also help businesses spend less. By lessening the occurrence of lost equipment, product and trailers through robbery and loss, the company will not have to replace these items as frequently. Several insurance businesses also give anti theft reductions on premiums and/or deductibles. Nearly twelve declares have requires permitting companies to receive discount rates when particular guidelines are implemented. Furthermore, when employees know they’re getting monitored, there’s less down-time, which improves efficiency and increases productivity on the job and saves the company funds.

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