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Great Things About GPS Vehicle Tracking

14 Nov Posted by in Mortgage Reduction Updates | Comments
Great Things About GPS Vehicle Tracking

There are times when the driver needs to leaves his vehicle unattended temporarily but can’t do so because it might get lost, specifically if the fleet is carrying essential and pricey items. The perfect solution is is to deploy GPS tracking system which can provide stability and security. Unacceptable driving traits need to be rectified and it can only be measured by a system that can track sudden braking, speeding and others. A mobile asset tracking can monitor transported goods and provide security through door movement detection.

Furthermore, fleet insurers are often provided with crucial, undeniable substantiation of a better fleet operation by a in depth fleet gps tracking work status for each vehicle. Insurance has to be the responsibility of employers yet up until the creation and implementation of Portable gps tracking device there is no way of getting sufficient data for performance. Even however the Home Office reports vehicle crime is down by 65 per cent since 1995, over 3,000 HGVs are still stolen annually around the UK with simply a insubstantial 12 per cent recovery rate.

An overwhelming majority of theft, whilst just over 10 per cent of motor vehicles were taken off factory /warehouse auto parking areas, a third of which over the weekend, so the loss would not be identified until the Monday morning. Consequently, already a small group of fleet gps tracking suppliers have been seen to be working with insurers to give joint mobile asset tracking solutions in an integrated fleet risk management programme. A company’s current security measures has to be compromised first before managers even consider setting up a vehicle tracking device, which is quite unfortunate.

One of the most vulnerable industries are those that deals with distribution and handling that come from small to medium enterprises that has less than ten employees. There is undoubtedly, a considerable productivity advantage to an entire fleet by making certain absolute, safe driver behaviour. Some other benefits include reduced potential losses from accident or theft, which can create favorable environment that could increase every aspect of the company’s operation.

Incredibly, various HGVs still just possess the barest minimum of security protection, like an ineffectual steering lock and intruder alarm and therefore, too easily stolen from establishments, even within locked gates and/or fencing. To reduce high annual insurance premium renewals, implementation of effective fleet tracking systems can save companies thousands in cost. It also improve driver behavior which can save lives and property.

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