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Fitting Termite Control Into The Small Business Equation

24 May Posted by in Mortgage Reduction Updates | Comments
Fitting Termite Control Into The Small Business Equation

By Sylvia E. Iacovelli

When you are piecing together a business plan for your new company, it is crucial to remember the value of budgeting for termite control. Although there are obviously going to be a variety of other necessary expenses in your thoughts, this often overlooked requirement is extremely important to good business sense. Think about it, do you think your clients want to spend time in a store that is packed with insects or rodents?

These pests do more than just freak out your customers and scare away good employees; they can also cause great damage to your supplies and machinery. Even small roaches are able to get into computers, television sets, monitors, and similar devices and rapidly destroy them. A few rats can lay waste to a whole inventory or stock room full of paper in just a couple of days.

Your business insurance may cover the damaged merchandise and room, but it isn’t going to protect you from damages incurred after the story hits the news or a few big clients find out about it. Furthermore, you will not be able to make up for days of lost sales as you had your business treated and cleaned or your equipment replaced.

Do not think that just because you aren’t selling food products you are immune to these issues. Infestations often occur in offices where no food is sold, either because employees carry snacks into lunch or simply because the pests are seeking a warm place to hide from the weather. There is often an overwhelming amount of bugs in homes and businesses following heavy storms and in the winter, for this very reason. The primary insect most business owners are dealing with, the termite, can survive for years off an office’s wooden desks.

Termite control tends to be a very big part of managing a fruitful business, as does other forms of preventative pest management. Multiple provider options exist for those looking for a way to manage their infestations with a professional touch. These companies usually offer flexible hours and other guidelines to meet the need for discretion when it comes to local businesses. They will come by several times throughout the year to offer preventative work and survey the area for any signs of a problem.

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