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Swimming Pool Construction Insurance Protects Pool Contractors From A Bevy Of Possible Liabilities

18 Feb Posted by in Mortgage Reduction Updates | Comments
Swimming Pool Construction Insurance Protects Pool Contractors From A Bevy Of Possible Liabilities

By Celia K. Brinkman

Possessing the right kind of swimming pool construction insurance has a lengthy history of protecting swimming pool contractors from exposure to liability. Just as we have to make sure we have the proper combination of business, personal, auto, homeowners, general liability, life, medical and other forms of insurance coverage to keep us out of trouble in the event of an accident, a swimming pool contractor needs the right insurance coverage to protect him or her in case of accident. Unfortunately, folks do indeed make mistakes sometimes and, therefore, need to be protected from any liability brought about by mistakes.

Just some of the more-common dangers and possible liabilities that swimming pool contractors are exposed to as they design, contract, install, maintain and repair swimming pools, spas, ponds and fountains have to do with environmental impairment exposure, contractual liability exposure, completed operations, automobile exposure and workers compensation. Just by looking at this list, it is clear that swimming pool construction insurance makes good sense.

The improper storage and disposal of pool chemicals and other hazardous materials is what brings about environmental impairment liability exposure. The correct type of contractor coverage swimming pool insurance protects contractors in case mistakes are made in this area and ground water or the local environment is impacted. Since swimming pools are expensive, complicated items, it is not unknown for homeowners to have a post-contractual misunderstanding about his or her water feature, which is something that swimming pool construction insurance protects against.

Completed operations liability exposure comes about when accidents or damage happen as a result of a defect in the materials used or in the way that they were installed. Since the injuries caused by defective material and improper installation can be very drastic or even fatal, this type of insurance is extremely important. The next type of contractor’s insurance, automobile coverage, covers the use of any company vehicles during the normal operations of the contractor’s business. In some cases, this insurance may also provide additional coverage for privately owned vehicles. Workers compensation insurance is definitely needed by pool contractors because constructing swimming pools is tough work that requires the use of heavy equipment and takes place in and around the edges of large holes.

If you are putting in swimming pools, you have got to look into being properly protected by the right kind of swimming pool construction insurance. Pool contractors can learn more about pool construction insurance by talking with their swimming pool construction coverage representative.

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