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Online CPE Courses Now Required of Gym Staff

28 Sep Posted by in Mortgage Reduction Updates | Comments
Online CPE Courses Now Required of Gym Staff

Everyone has heard of online CPE courses for doctors, lawyers, accountants, and the like, but how about for personal trainers? Yes, those guys and gals at the gym barking at their clients to DO ONE MORE GIVE ME ONE MORE JUST ONE MORE ONE MORE ONE MORE NOW DO IT DO IT DO IT NOW!!!!

Yes, personal trainers. That’s right; “those people!” That is, if industry movers and shakers such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) or the American Council on Exercise (ACE) will have anything to do with it. The “CPE” in the term “online CPE courses” denotes “continuing professional education.” Now most folks don’t think of personal trainers as professionals at all – performing heart surgery is a profession; encouraging people to exercise their hearts and lungs is a job. Isn’t that so?

Again, not if ACE or the ACSM can help it. Citing the ever increasing knowledge base that personal trainers must possess, these organizations have tried to promote a more professional image for such fitness industry workers; indeed, continuing education credits are already required of those they certify as trainers. Unfortunately, the idea is not likely to gain much more traction than it currently has. It was the ACSM that first offered certifications during the postwar baby boom, in fact, though decades later the industry has only seen a proliferation of competing certifications – hence online CPE courses for trainers, coaches, and other industry job titles remain the monopoly of the organization certifying them in the first place.

But the truth is that no one really cares about such certs – except for insurers, for whom such formalities, however non-sensical ultimately, can be used to get out of what some might consider their obligations. Everyone else, really, don’t quite have the perception of trainers as “professional” in the sense of the traditional professions, no matter how hard the certifying authorities try to change that view. Turnover is high while the quality of trainers, despite certification, is often low; many franchise gyms hire teenagers – kids – to advise clients paying eighty dollars and up an hour (of which only twenty to forty go to the trainer).For one thing, many chain gyms have college kids working as personal trainers: hard to see a doctor, lawyer, or accountant regarding such workers as fellow “professionals!”

But now, for all that, certs are better than no certs. They demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge and, even, competence! Some is better than none for sure. Fairly extensive testing is required of those who apply for certification from the most prestigious organizations, like the aforementioned ACSM and ACE. While not exactly hard, being a simple test of memory more than anything else, it does show that there is something to qualify for, that one doesn’t simply and automatically get to be a trainer! But again,all this isn’t to be taken too seriously, either.

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