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Virtual Assistant – An Asset To Any Company

01 Jan Posted by in Mortgage Reduction Updates | Comments
Virtual Assistant – An Asset To Any Company

Due to the present-day economic circumstances, companies are being forced to look for new ideas to enhance production while cutting down expenses. In an effort to decrease costs, many entrepreneurs have started to perform non-income producing work by themselves. But what many businesses are not aware of is that by doing so, they are really trowing away money as opposed to saving money. A forward thinking remedy to this prevalent problem is the hiring of a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can carry out various duties that are essential to business functions, but don’t require a physical presence at the business site. Responsibilities which include answering e-mail, sending out invoices, adding articles to weblogs, and maintaining virtual client contact may all be outsourced to your virtual assistant . Thanks largely to the availability of the world wide web finding a virtual assistant to accomplish the duties of a secretary is now achievable and reasonably priced. Outsourcing many of the responsibilities required to catapult a venture into prosperity can be carried out with the support of a capable and eager virtual assistant who resides in the Philippines.

As an entrepreneur you may not wish to assume on new expenses to be able to manage a business, particularly with the chaos of the current market. By employing a virtual assistant (or virtual secretary) who works from the Philippines it is possible to lessen your operating costs while increasing your efficiency and also your cash flow. And although there are virtual secretary services to be had from many international locations in the world, I have noticed that agents in the Philippines have in most cases desired advanced schooling, are desirous to work, have a good work ethic and have a high respect for American ideals in the workplace.

Studying the cost of getting a virtual secretary as opposed to an in-house secretary the cost effective path would be to outsource the job offshore. Based on information from the bureau of labor statistics for 2008 the yearly median salary for secretaries and administrative assistants in America was $29,050. The median salaries of executive secretaries and administrative assistants as of May 2008 were upwards of $40,000. Realistically, that is a a shockingly high amount to have to pay each year for a supportive office staff which does not generate revenue. Many of these secretaries are employed to work fulltime and hence incur additional expenditures that include medical health insurance, unemployment, payroll tax and workers’ comp. But with a Philippine based employee, the yearly salary would be a small fraction of what is paid to an American employee and the business would no longer have to pay the legally required extra expenses required by law.

Now we will elaborate on why having a Philippine virtual assistant can be of such huge advantage to your organization. Perhaps you yet suspect that the right way to reduce costs is by doing the work yourself. Then again, how much money are you genuinely making or saving any time you reply to email, pay bills, answer phone calls, or collect content using research? The Pareto principle states that 20 percent of the chores you are doing accounts for eighty percent of your earned earnings. Which is why, there is eighty percent of your time which can and should really be utilized to develop and flourish in your current marketplace.

But, if you’re blowing that time conducting chores normally designated to office staff members, you then have substantially reduced the potential expansion of your business. Employing the same concept, you will realize that while you are having to pay somebody for 100% of his or her working time they’re just working 20% of the time for you. The reality is that your company is still in need of a supportive team to be able to continue growing. Do you in fact wish to pay upwards of 30 thousand dollars for 20 percent of someone’s efforts? It’s much better to hire a virtual assistant!

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